The Northern Lights Casino Buffet

The Northern Lights Casino Buffet

The Northern Lights Casino Buffet is among the finest food and fun activities in the entire Canadian Rockies. It offers three-course dinners, including a mouth-watering, decadent dessert, accompanied by live music, drink and snacks. You can also play exciting slot games at this award-winning gourmet buffet.

All your appetites will be satisfied when you dine at the Northern Lights Casino Buffet. With gourmet meals, top entertainment and fun games, this restaurant offers a unique evening out. With not only all of your favourite dishes but other options that include wine, specialty cocktails and a full bar, the Northern Lights Casino Buffet offers a whole lot more than just dining.

One of the main attractions of the North Lights Casino Buffet is its wonderful desert menu. Guests can indulge in the mouth-watering Tzatziki and the aromatic Pistachio Mac n’ Cheese; they can even get a little spice up their game with the tantalizing Black Pepper Salsa or the delicious Texas BBQ Chicken. Enjoy some mouth-watering platters like the Habanero Mac and Cheese, the Spicy Shrimp Dessert, the Spicy Chicken Salad, the Fresh Mixed Vegetable Platter, the Moroccan Tagine and the Italian Salad.

The chefs bring their skills to their dinner menus, too. They offer specialties like the Chicken Parmesan; the sumptuous Lobster Lasagna; the luxurious Chicken Parmesan; the excellent Black Forest Cake and the elegant Morrocan Tagine. And don’t forget the delightful desserts such as the Cream Puffs and the Chocolate Fondue.

The guest service is friendly and attentive. The buffet staff makes sure each person has the chance to take advantage of the tasty dishes available at the Northern Lights Casino Buffet.

Buffets are available for groups of any size. Make sure you book your reservation well in advance so you can reserve a table that will fit your party size.

With several entertainment options, including live music, DJ music, dance and karaoke, the buffet offers a great night out. If you’re looking for a romantic night out, a birthday party or a group outing, consider the special events that are scheduled for the Northern Lights Casino Buffet. You can also reserve party areas where you can have your privacy and enjoy all of the spectacular sights and sounds of this resort.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic or a casual afternoon outing, the Northern Lights Casino Buffet is one of the best restaurants in the province. The Northern Lights casino offers a dining experience that will make your dream dinner come true. Enjoy an exquisite four-course meal of exquisite cuisine, music and activities, along with a selection of appetizers and drink specials.