The Northern Lights Casino Walker in Northern Minnesota

For the last several years, I have seen Northern Lights Casino walker in Northern Minnesota. I’m sure that some of you can relate to this, since this has been a favorite haunt of mine for years. It was really nice to find some old pictures of the casino walker that I had never seen before.

There used to be an ice-cream parlor there. What can I say? Just like the name implies, it was ice-cream heaven. The outdoor ice-cream stands were also quite popular. You could order a cone at the bar or a bowl of the ice-cream treat, whatever you preferred.

And as a matter of fact, the ride on the Northern Lights was a great adventure for all of us. We usually would tell stories about how we had taken a ride on the ride and got to see a light. Many of us had pictures of ourselves riding the ride.

Sometimes the Northern Lights will appear in the sky at night around the time of the new moon, so this is when the Polar Star can be seen. The Polar Star is actually a meteor that has landed on Earth. But you need to understand that although it’s a meteor that lands here, the Northern Lights are not caused by meteorites.

As I said, most of us would be looking for pictures of ourselves riding the Lights. The photo in this article is of me and my daughter. The pictures were taken back in the 1980s. During that time period, the Lights were much less common.

The camera I used was a Candela, and the picture was taken with the Kowa 16-50mm. The lights appeared asdots just like they do today. The Northern Lights Casino Walker is a spectacular attraction and I remember being mesmerized by it as a kid.

Many of us from Minnesota are eager to experience the Northern Lights once again, and as I mentioned before, that is something I would love to do. Since the Lights Casino Walker is only in Northern Minnesota, we have the best opportunity to see it. But I will never forget visiting it years ago, and I still look forward to visiting and riding the ride.

In case you are interested in planning a trip to the Northern Lights, do not miss out on this wonderful event. If you are wondering how to catch the Northern Lights, visit this website and make a reservation now.